Saturday, July 23, 2011

Compaq nc6230+Slackware+Hostapd+TL-WN722N+Ath9k_htc+iptables+dhcpd : How to put them together

After few weeks of searching thru the internet; testing and retest and... etc.

Finally, have found the way to put them together.

The below combination is do-able:
Laptop Compaq nc6230
Slackware version = slackware 13.1
Kernel = linux-3.0.0-rc7
hostapd = hostapd-0.7.3
TL-WN722N = using ath9k_htc (direct from the kernel)
iptables = original from slackware 13.1
dhcpd = from slackware 13.1

Connecting with iPhone4 and iPad2 IOS 4.3.3 have no problem...

The configuration files will be provided upon request.

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