Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SSH Without Password for Mobile Putty Client

Setting up a SSH login without Password for Mobile Putty Client.

From Computer:

Step 1: Using the Putty key generator to generate the secure key

Step 2: Save the private key

Step 3: Login to the ssh server using your login
(If the .ssh directory is not exists, create one)

Step 4: Create the authorized_key

Step 5: Copy the Public Key into the authorized_key and save it

Step 6: Change the authorized_key file permission to 640

Step 7: Transfer the Saved Private key to the mobile.

For those who're not using windows system : do as shown as below.

From Mobile:
Step 1: Start the putty client from your mobile.
Edit the profile-> SSH Protocol->private key and locate the saved private key.

Step 2: go to General and setup the detail

Step 3: Test the login

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