Sunday, July 19, 2009

Financial application - gnucash on slackware

Yes. It's really challenging to install the gnucash under slackware. For this financial application to work under slackware, the fastest and direct method will be install the dropline gnome. Have no idea what to install? Just download and install the full package of dropline.

It's been five years i used gnucash to manage my finance. I found it very useful especially use it together with my nokia application, jabplite. I use jabplite for keep tracking the expenses daily and then update gnucash entries weekly.

So what you would do - go gooogle then, install dropline, gnucah and get a nokia series60 phone. :)


  1. Hi, why did you decided to go particulary for Dropline? I like gnome more then kde, but unfortunately it's not part of the slackware. I was considering GSB. Which one is suggested by slackware users? Or do you know the difference, or advantages?

  2. hi tricqster,
    nice to meet you here.

    In fact, not really have to be KDE/dropline. The reason behind using KDE was found the information on setting up the gnucash under dropline for slackware 12x.
    Currently, am using GSB for gnucash under slackware 13. :)

    Setting up Gnucash under GSB is easier than dropline.

    To me, any kind of window manager/interface is fine as long as it's slackware linux. :)

    PS: I used 'enlightenment' under slackware few years back and liked it...but then switched.. :)


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