Wednesday, March 25, 2009

About My Slackware Journey

While having a tight budget on buying a windows OS for my computers, I got an advice from my unix lecture, Mr Lynch,who recommended me to give linux OS a try back in 1998 Spring. I was then failing in love on how wonderful this OS is and until now, at home I use slackware, slackware, slackware and slackware. The amazing slackware linux is the one I love since day one.

Why slackware? Slackware was not so user-friendly at the beginning. What I mean is the first slackware 3.1.0 installed in my computer in 1998. And that’s what exactly I love about it. Without the user-friendly interface, you will learn more from it and aware of what’s really happening.

This blog will cover about slackware, my slackware linux journey. Most of the topic that I’ll cover here will be the 3rd party applications running under slackware which I use daily.

Do feel free to comment and don’t hesitate to try my skills under slackware. If I cant answer your question, I will google... (hahaha) and then integrate/consolidate the information and blog about it … :)

Happy slackwaring… :)

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